EUR15 million in subsidies handed out so far under Finnish rural broadband project

12 Jul 2013

The Finnish telecoms regulator Ficora has said that it has granted around a quarter of the state subsidies available under the government’s Broadband 2015 project to deploy high speed internet networks in rural areas. So far more than EUR15 million (USD19.6 million) of state aid has been awarded to help fund 35 schemes. In addition to the state aid, the regional centres for economic development, transport and the environment (EDTEs) have funded 27 projects with EUR14 million. By the end of 2012, 23 Ficora or EDTE-funded broadband projects had been completed in Finland, with over 2,200 kilometres of broadband network built. Approximately 2,750 households or companies had taken out a subscription on the new infrastructure at that date, with two-thirds of these having connection speeds of 100Mbps. A total of EUR63 million worth of state aid has been targeted to the projects.