Draft regulation will unify fees payable by telcos for access to residential premises

12 Jul 2013

Ukraine’s independent regulator, the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NCCIR, or NKRZI), has issued a draft regulatory decree entitled ‘On approval of the provisional rules for operators to access housing facilities to provide telecommunications services, including providing consumer access to the internet’. Under the draft decree, the fees paid by telecoms access network operators to housing property owners will be set at a universal rate in every region nationwide. According to newspaper BizLigaNet, current monthly fees range between UAH0.125 (USD0.015) to UAH0.25 per apartment/household in all regions except the capital Kyiv, where the per household rate is much higher, ranging from UAH0.6 to UAH1. Under the new proposal, the same fee would apply throughout the country and additional fees would be banned. The draft regulation was approved at a meeting of the NKRZI on 2 July 2013, while the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing & Communal Services recommended a three-month period to develop and approve a methodology for determining the size of a one-time fee for establishing network connections in housing facilities, and the Commission recommended a two-month period to develop and submit a final bill to the government.

Ukraine, National Commission for Comms/Info. Regulation (NCCIR/NKRZI)