Telesom offers HomeSend remittance service

10 Jul 2013

eServGlobal and its strategic business partner BICS have announced the launch of their HomeSend remittance service by Telesom to enhance the Somaliland-based telecoms operator’s mobile money offering ‘Telesom ZAAD’. Launched in 2009, Telesom ZAAD quickly gained traction and is currently used by over 40% of Telesom’s customers. The launch of remittance services with HomeSend will enable Telesom ZAAD users to receive money transfers sent directly to their mobile wallets from people overseas. ‘This announcement underlines the strength and reach of our commitment to Africa and to the unbanked community,’ commented Paolo Montessori, eServGlobal CEO and managing director, adding: ‘With over 300 million users in Africa currently under contract coverage, we are working to swiftly deploy these services and launch new corridors, putting international money transfer within the reach of users across the continent.’

Somalia, Telesom