Satellite provider O3B seeking to extend broadband coverage to remote parts of Brazil

8 Jul 2013

O3B Networks, a global satellite services provider that is deploying a next generation satellite broadband network, is seeking to exploit opportunities to provide coverage to remote parts of Brazil such as the Amazon region. Its commercial director for Brazil Paulo Berlinsky is quoted by BNAmericas as saying that O3B has launched the first four orbiters for a project designed to deliver high speed affordable broadband access to millions of people living in emerging markets; the launch took place at the end of June in French Guyana, he added.

The satellite services provider’s plan to is overcome the latency issues experienced by legacy geostationary satellites operating at higher latitudes by flying its satellites at a lower orbit (8,000km) to reduce latency times to as low as 130 milliseconds, and effectively provide ‘fibre in the sky’ to end users. The O3B satellites operate in the high-frequency Ka-band Berlinsky confirmed, with the company said to be close to finalising its first contract in Brazil ahead of a planned commercial launch in November. Unconfirmed sources suggest that Manaus-based multimedia firm Ozonio Telecomunicacoes is the firm involved in the deal which is thought to be worth USD20 million. O3B Networks, which includes HSBC and Google as its financial backers, is interested in setting up partnerships with Brazilian state-run telco Telebras, the company responsible for the infrastructure supporting the country’s broadband plan (PNBL), according to Berlinsky. Telebras also has its own satellite joint venture business, called Visiona, with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.