Telebrasil highlights 19% fall in average per minute mobile charges

4 Jul 2013

Brazilian telecoms association Telebrasil has published findings on the domestic cellular services market, reporting that the average per-minute cost of making a mobile call fell 19% between March 2012 and March 2013. In its study, Telebrasil found that in March this year the average price per minute for a mobile call was BRL0.16 (USD0.07) including local taxes, down from an average per-minute cost of BRL0.19 in the year-ago period. Further, the association reported that over the same period, the average minutes of use (MOU) per month in Brazil rose by 13% year-on-year to 130 minutes from 115 minutes in March 2012. Telebrasil concludes that the steady decline in per-minute mobile charges – the average cost has fallen by 63% since 2008 – is by and large the result of healthy competition in Brazil’s mobile segment.