Vodacom, iBurst ‘dismantle’ joint WiMAX network

2 Jul 2013

Vodacom South Africa’s WiMAX network, which was rolled out during 2008 in partnership with iBurst in Gauteng and Cape Town, is being dismantled and most of its subscribers have already been migrated to other services. Vodacom spokesperson Richard Boorman confirmed to MyBroadband.co.za that Vodacom is in the process of winding down its WiMAX operations. He added that ‘a small number of customers’ are still using the technology, but indicated that Vodacom is looking to use the dismantled equipment in some of its other African markets, which include Mozambique, Tanzania, Lesotho and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

South Africa, Rain (Multisource/WBS), Vodacom South Africa