T-Mobile remains tight-lipped over LTE targets

2 Jul 2013

T-Mobile US has stonewalled questions relating to its previously stated Long Term Evolution (LTE) deployment targets, Fierce Wireless reports, casting doubts over its commitment to cover 100 million US citizens with 4G by 30 June. The company launched its first seven LTE markets in late March, namely: Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, Baltimore and Washington DC. However, since then, it has not officially launched any further regions, despite wireless signal testing firm Root Metrics confirming that it successfully picked up the company’s LTE signal in a number of markets, including Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and New York. T-Mobile spokeswoman Alexandra Schwerin commented: ‘T-Mobile remains committed to achieving the LTE milestones we’ve previously announced and we have nothing new to share at this time’. However, the cellular giant has reportedly scheduled a media briefing in New York next week, suggesting that it may yet deliver on its promises.

United States, T-Mobile US