Orange Armenia rolls out mobile voice and internet services in Kachachkut

28 Jun 2013

Mobile network operator Orange Armenia has extended its service coverage to the village of Kachachkut in the Lori region of Armenia, giving residents there their first taste of cellular-based voice telephony and mobile internet access. Commenting on the launch, Francis Gelibter, Orange Armenia CEO, said: ‘Today is the very first day this site [in Kachachkut] becomes operational and I am happy to be here to announce about it. It will ensure fast connection not only inside the village but as well with the rest of the world. Only two weeks ago we were in Syunik region to announce the launch of our network in two small villages, and we publicly tested the 42Mbps network speed in Etchmiadzine. Orange is proud to be not only the operator which delivers the best quality in towns but as well the one which creates new experiences for people living in villages like Kachachkut.’

Launching commercial services four years ago, Orange continues to roll out its mobile network in the country and today boasts coverage of more than 95% of the Armenian people. In Yerevan, Gumri, Vanadzor and Etchmiadzine Orange is currently able to offer mobile broadband speeds of up to 42Mbps, while other parts of the country are served with a maximum connection of 21Mbps.