MIC announces public consultation on the use of 2.5GHz band for BWA

26 Jun 2013

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has announced the start of public consultation on the expansion of regional broadband wireless access (BWA) systems by assigning a band in the 2.5GHz spectrum range to the Advanced eXtended Global Platform (AXGP) standard. According to the ministry’s press release, the regulator is planning to diversify BWA by assigning temporary spectrum in the 2545MHz-2575MHz band to the AXGP technology, which is TD-LTE compliant. All interested parties should submit their opinions on the proposed changes in the country’s regulations, available on the watchdog’s website, by 26 July 2013, with the results of the consultation scheduled for publication in mid-August 2013. The MIC timetable states that the Radio Regulatory Council will also provide a guidance report for radio equipment regulations in mid-September, with proposed changes to take effect in mid-October 2013.