Regulator approves 800MHz development plan

21 Jun 2013

Following the conclusion of a public consultation, Lithuania’s Communications Regulatory Authority (Rysiu Reguliavimo Tarnyba — RRT) has approved the Plan for Radiocommunication Development in the 790MHz-862MHz frequency band. Under the new plan, a single auction for granting the right to use spectrum in the band will be held, with the single criterion for evaluation of auction participants to be the price. It also outlines a requirement for the winner to provide high speed broadband services to 95% of households in rural areas by 2020. While a requirement to offer roaming services and to provide access to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) was not included in the final plan, the RRT says it reserves the right to impose these obligations later if competition issues arise. Meanwhile, the regulator is also preparing a Radiocommunication Development Plan for the 2500MHz-2690MHz band; it plans to auction off spectrum in this range in the second half of 2013.