PTS copper access report finds no discrimination by Telia

19 Jun 2013

Sweden’s Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has published a report on the oversight of markets for broadband network infrastructure and bitstream access in the first half of 2013, focusing on price supervision of copper-based wholesale products, which include incumbent PSTN operator TeliaSonera’s periodic charges for copper access and installation fees. The PTS examined a number of key indicators designed to highlight any possible discrimination of external wholesale customers compared to TeliaSonera’s own retail business, but the analysis over the six-month period ‘did not reveal any significant differences which could indicate that discrimination exists’. For the second half of 2013 PTS will publish an oversight report focusing on additional wholesale/retail access products including direct fibre residential connections.

The PTS monitors the markets for network infrastructure and bitstream access based on the authority’s ‘obligation’ decisions (applying to TeliaSonera) aimed at strengthening market competition. PTS follows up on the results of its market supervision twice a year, in June and December, and publishes a supervision report on its website.

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