Digicel Bermuda slashes internet access charges

17 Jun 2013

Mobile operator turned integrated services provider Digicel Bermuda has thrown down the gauntlet in the domestic broadband market, slashing the cost of some of its services by over 50%. The company has halved the cost of its 2Mbps service to BMD30 (USD30) per month, while also cutting the cost of its entry-level 1Mbps offer. More significantly, the price of the 4Mbps option has been cut by more than 50% to BMD40 from BMD90, while other cuts cover its 6Mbps (BMD50 from BMD109), 8Mbps (BMD60 from BMD119), 10Mbps (BMD70 from BMD129), 15Mbps (BMD90 from BMD149) and 25Mbps (BMD150 from BMD199) packages.

Commenting on the latest initiative, the firm’s CEO Wayne Caines said in a press release: ‘When Digicel first purchased Transact and started offering home internet in November 2011, we told the public that we intended to bring prices down by enhancing competition … Within two months, annual internet rates were up to BMD130 lower for the same speeds … We have continued to knock down internet prices, leading the competition in our goal to make internet more affordable for the average Bermudian. Our new, reduced rates demonstrate this commitment. An 8Mbps plan, which our competitors were selling for BMD129.95 per month in 2011, is now available for just BMD70 per month. There is no denying that Digicel has knocked down Internet prices drastically.’