Telecom Namibia: Leo integration at ‘advanced’ stage

14 Jun 2013

Telecom Namibia’s senior manager of corporate communications and public relations, Oiva Angula, has revealed that the process of integrating cellco Powercom (Leo) – which the telco purchased last year – is at an ‘advanced’ stage, with the details of new commercial offers set to be announced to customers ‘soon’. In an interview with The Namibian, Angula said: ‘We are busy overhauling the network so as to provide for both fixed and mobile services in a seamless manner. Our intention is to roll out 516 base stations in three phases over an 18-month period to strengthen our capabilities to offer real 3G and 4G services. The first batch of base stations has already been ordered and delivery is expected shortly. In the meantime, we have finished the installation of a GSM/IMS (IP multimedia system) core to deliver converged switching for both fixed and GSM mobile services. Our strategic orientation is towards fixed-mobile convergence in keeping with global trends.’ Leo’s existing network has a population coverage of around 64% with roughly 270,000 subscribers. Earlier this year, Telecom announced that China’s ZTE will upgrade the Telecom Namibia and Leo network at a cost of USD46 million.

Namibia, Powercom (Namibia), Telecom Namibia (incl. TN Mobile)