Cofetel updates proposals for local calling area consolidation

14 Jun 2013

Mexican telecoms regulator Comision Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Cofetel) has reportedly modified a draft bill which aims to consolidate the country’s 397 local calling areas. According to BNamericas, the watchdog has revised the bill following feedback it received during a public consultation process regarding the proposals. As such, it is understood that as per the updated draft bill Mexico’s current 397 local calling areas will be reduced to 172 – the original plan would have meant consolidation to 173 zones. Further, the implementation period over which changes will be made has been extended to 24 months from 18 months, after operators and manufacturers called for more time to develop and deploy technical solutions. Following the revisions the draft bill will now be sent to federal regulatory review body Comision Federal de Mejora Regulatoria (Cofemer).