TOT and Samart finalise MVNO terms

13 Jun 2013

TOT’s board chairman Udom Puasakul announced yesterday that the state-owned telco has finalised details of a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) contract with Samart Corp, which will be presented for the board’s consideration next month. As reported by The Nation, a TOT source said that Samart will pay 46% of revenues to TOT under the finalised terms, which allow it to utilise up to 40% of TOT’s recently expanded 3G mobile network (which reportedly has capacity to serve 7.2 million customers). The contract expires in 2025 and will be revised every two years. During the first year Samart is to guarantee minimum payment to TOT of THB476 million (USD15.34 million) and THB597 million in the second year (altered from previous figures of THB156 million and THB201 million). The new contracts for Samart and four other MVNOs are designed to replace their previous short-term MVNO agreements with TOT which were agreed at the launch of its 3G network covering the Bangkok area only.

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