Libercell ignores court order over taxes bill, paper says

10 Jun 2013

Monrovia-based newspaper The New Republic Liberia reports that the management of domestic mobile operator Atlantic Wireless (Libercell) is acting in ‘complete defiance’ of a Supreme Court order, requiring it to pay USD1.1 million owed to the government in overdue licensing fees. In a document published by the Tax Court at the Temple of Justice, the paper notes that since the 5 December 2012 ruling, the management of Libercell has singularly ‘failed to settle its obligation with the Liberian government according to court documents’. Judge Chesson has warned the firm that the courts are left with no alternative other than to enforce the law – which could see the cellco being forcibly sold – although in the meantime, layers acting for Libercell submitted an application seeking ‘special relief from the writ of execution and notice of sale’, in order to secure more time to pay the requisite fees.