Entel calls for 700MHz sale

10 Jun 2013

Responding to news that the competition watchdog the Fiscalia Nacional Economica (FNE) has initiated an investigation into auctioning spectrum in the 700MHz band, Entel has thrown its weight behind the plans, saying that additional spectrum is required to address the ‘digital tsunami’. Local news portal La Tercera quoted Entel’s regulation manager Manuel Araya as saying that: ‘This is a technological issue and, as the government says, to address the digital tsunami what is needed is spectrum. This is not magic.’ Araya added that to further the development of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks in Chile, lower frequency spectrum is needed in addition to the high frequency 2600MHz range currently in use. The manager clarified that whilst the higher band carries a greater capacity, the lower frequency band provides wider coverage and better penetration of buildings: ‘if you implement 4G with the two bands (2600MHz and 700MHz) you’ll have an even coverage with no gaps in between. Hence the importance, and therefore all [LTE] operators need the 700MHz band. It is an industry-wide requirement.’

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