Deputy telecoms minister confirms flurry of licensing activity, cites WiMAX targets

10 Jun 2013

Speaking at the Libya Projects 2013 conference, Atef Al Bahri, deputy minister of telecommunications, has revealed that plans are underway to introduce new legislation making it easier for privately-owned companies to ‘participate competitively’ in the Libyan telecoms sector, effectively loosening the government’s current stranglehold on telecoms activities there. reports that a draft bill was completed in March this year, and has now been sent to congress for approval. Al Bahri conceded that there is ‘no real competition’ at present, but confirmed that the government has recently granted 25 internet service provider (ISP) concessions and 23 very small aperture terminal (VSAT) licences to private companies. Also on the agenda is the second phase of state-owned Libya Telecom & Technology’s (LTT’s) WiMAX rollout, which seeks to extend connectivity to 100,000 users in 100 new cities.

Libya, Libya Telecom & Technology (LTT)