BIPT details timetable for 800MHz auction

7 Jun 2013

The Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT) has published an indicative time schedule for the upcoming auction of digital dividend spectrum in the 800MHz band. Noting that the country’s regulatory framework still needs to be modified, the regulator has said it anticipates that its proposed timetable will allow candidates to begin technical tests. Meanwhile, to enable the necessary regulatory changes, the BIPT pointed to the fact that it had launched a public consultation at the end of 2012 on a bill designed to amend the Belgian Law on Electronic Communications and on a draft Royal Decree on the terms for allocation and use of the 800MHz frequency band. With parliament having voted on the necessary amendments, the BIPT said it expects these to be published in the Belgian Official Gazette shortly, while adding that it plans to do ‘everything in its power to organise the 800MHz band auction as soon as possible after this publication’.

Meanwhile, as per the indicative timetable, next month the BIPT is expected to publish an information memorandum for would-be bidders, with the invitation for applications expected in the second half of August 2013, with a deadline for submissions set for the second half of September 2013. Subsequently, the auction itself is tentatively scheduled to take place in early November 2013, with winning bidders to be notified in early December.