Quintillion plots submarine cable along Alaska’s northern coast

6 Jun 2013

According to the Alaska Journal of Commerce, Quintillion, the Alaska-arm of the international Arctic Fibre project, wants to deploy a fibre-optic submarine cable along Alaska’s northern coastline, connecting Asia to Europe. Further, the company plans to introduce spurs to five Alaskan communities, namely: Nome, Kotzebue, Barrow, Wainwright and Prudhoe Bay. Although Arctic Fibre is itself based in Canada, Quintillion was formed in December last year to ensure that the Alaskan segment of the work is carried out by a local company, CEO Elizabeth Pierce confirmed. Pierce said environmental factors, subsistence fishing and other human risks are being considered as the company develops its deployment strategy. In each community, Quintillion is currently tapping local residents for knowledge regarding natural phenomena and changes to the landscape. If the project gets the go-ahead, it is likely to cost in the region of USD200 million to implement.

United States