World Bank to support Mauritania-Togo broadband connectivity plan

3 Jun 2013

The World Bank has approved total funding of USD60 million in International Development Association (IDA) credits to support the respective governments of Mauritania and Togo, which are looking to bolster their telecoms connectivity through the implementation of new fibre-based broadband networks, and also to update their regulatory regimes to support and encourage private sector competition in each country. In a press release dated 30 May, the World Bank says each nation will benefit from USD30 million in funding under the IDA to expand broadband access, drive down costs, improve the quality and reliability of voice and data services, and to act as a backbone network to stimulate private sector involvement. It is understood that the project forms part of a wider USD300 million West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme (WARCIP) that is designed to help bridge the connectivity vacuum between 16 West African countries and with the rest of the world.

Mauritania, Togo