BIPT publishes telecoms sector stats for 2012

3 Jun 2013

Belgium’s telecoms regulator the Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications (BIPT) has published statistics for the country’s telecoms sector for the year ended 31 December 2012, revealing that combined turnover from fixed and mobile services, both retail and wholesale, fell to EUR7.18 billion (USD9.329 billion)from EUR7.65 billion a year earlier. In the retail sector, the BIPT reported that turnover from all services bar mobile broadband were down year-on-year, with fixed voice revenues declining to EUR1.24 billion in 2012 from EUR1.33 billion in 2011, while turnover from fixed broadband services totalled EUR1.26 billion in 2012, down by 3.1% year-on-year. Meanwhile, while turnover from mobile voice services also declined – falling to EUR1.82 billion from EUR1.94 billion – mobile broadband proved a bright spot, with revenues from such services rising by 70% against 2011 to EUR340 million. Total telecoms investment for the financial year also fell, albeit marginally, with the BIPT reporting sector-wide expenditure of EUR1.25 billion in 2012, down from EUR1.27 billion a year earlier.