Zeop unveils 35Mbps broadband service; Mobius (iZi) still waiting for mobile frequencies

31 May 2013

Reunion-based fibre-optic services provider Zeop, through its subsidiary Reunicable, has launched a (maximum) 35Mbps unlimited downloads and fixed voice calls offer in Reunion priced at EUR29.9 (USD38.8) per month, with no additional fees. Online news site domtom-adsl.com reports that the company’s new offer enhances its existing triple-play offer which costs EUR49.9 per month.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, Zeop launched its first fibre-based broadband offer in November 2012, looking to attract customers by announcing a special offer to the first 500 people signing up to its fibre broadband tariff plans. Zeop is the first and sole fibre-based carrier on the island and ultimately aims to provide 100% coverage of Reunion; it currently serves main cities and towns, including: Saint Paul city Medlar Wood, Saint Paul, Le Port, La Possession (all West) and St. Peter Holy Land, Zac Indian Ocean, Olive Wood, Ravine des Cabris, Le Tampon, Arm Pontho Bridge Yves (all South). The cableco is currently utilising predominantly HFC-based infrastructure in its network but, in partnership with Reunicable, is embarking on a plan to deploy a full fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Saint Dennis and other major locations across the island. Equipment vendor ZTE of China is working with Reunicable to deploy FTTH, to allow the cableco to offer next generation multimedia services. The contract with ZTE covers the renovation of Reunicable’s IP/MPLS network, as well as the ongoing deployment of its future fibre-optic network on the island. Launched in March 2012, the project will see ZTE supplying the telco with an end-to-end infrastructure solution based on GPON equipment.

In a separate story, wireless start-up Mobius (iZi) says it is still waiting for frequency authorisation for its mobile network in Reunion, eight months after it unveiled its plans for the project in September 2012. The company says it sent in its application for authorisation of the frequencies on 22 February this year but has still not received an answer. Prior to that, in December 2011, Mobius began seeking clearance to set up a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) business on the island, and to that end approached the incumbents Orange, SRR, and Outremer Telecom for access. However, Mobius said that the proposals put forward by the incumbents did not allow it room to establish a viable differentiated pricing policy.

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