Parliament will meet this week to discuss UTS’ problems

29 May 2013

Curacao’s parliament will convene this week to discuss the chaotic state of affairs at United Telecommunication Services (UTS). According to the Curacao Chronicle the Willemstad-based telco made a net profit of just ANG3 million (USD1.65 million) in 2012, down from ANG13.6 million in 2011, and question marks have now been raised regarding the slump. Previously, in March this year, Earl Balborda Minister of Transport, Traffic and Urban Planning announced that the company would be fully audited to root out the source of its problems.

Also on the agenda will be the continuing controversy regarding the telco’s involvement in what are alleged to be illegal SMS lottery games. Local politician and anti-corruption campaigner Helmin Wiels was an outspoken critic of the company’s business practices, but was assassinated earlier this month.

Curaçao, UTS/Chippie Curacao