TM to open IPTV service to xDSL subscribers from 3Q13

21 May 2013

Malaysian fixed line incumbent Telekom Malaysia is set to expand the availability of its IPTV service, which it markets under the ‘HyppTV’ banner, with Bernama reporting that the telco will allow its xDSL subscribers to sign up for the service later this year. It has been claimed that from the third quarter of 2013 customers using the telco’s ‘Streamyx’-branded xDSL services will be able to sign up for HyppTV, which is currently only available as part of bundled service offered over the telco’s fibre-based high speed broadband network (HSBB). TM’s Executive Vice-President (New Media), Jeremy Kung, was cited as saying that two new pay-TV tariff options will be introduced, those being ‘HyppTV Over Broadband’ and ‘HyppTV Everywhere’, noting: ‘We are currently in our final testing stage for both [of] the new services. The commercial trial for HyppTV Over Broadband involves our 1,000 Streamyx 8Mbps package subscribers.’ While HyppTV Over Broadband is designed for the telco’s xDSL subscribers, HyppTV Everywhere is a multi-screen product for customers signed up to TM’s ‘UniFi’-branded, fibre-based bundled services.

Malaysia, Telekom Malaysia