Expresso ACE fibre link ready for launch

10 May 2013

Expresso Ghana is planning to launch high speed broadband services to its customers on 10 May 2013, after switching on its local link to the 17,000km-long Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) consortium fibre-optic cable, in which the Expresso Telecom group is a part-owner. The USD700 million cable stretches from France to South Africa, connecting 23 countries mainly on the coast of Africa, but also landlocked countries like Mali and Niger through terrestrial links. According to TeleGeography’s, Ghana already benefits from four other submarine fibre networks: WACS (owned by a consortium including MTN Ghana’s South African parent group); SAT-3 (another consortium cable in which the UK-based parent of Vodafone Ghana [formerly Ghana Telecom] participates); and two Nigerian-owned cables – Globacom’s Glo One (utilised by local subsidiary Glo Mobile Ghana) and Main One.

According to Expresso Ghana, the Expresso Telecom group is expected to be the sole maintenance authority for the ACE cable in Ghana and Nigeria, and has assured prospective customers it will offer competitive wholesale prices to operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and high-end enterprises. Expresso is also managing the cable landing stations in Senegal, Mauritania and Guinea Conakry, responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of ACE in those countries.

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