SFR launches FTTH in Saint-Priest

8 May 2013

French telco SFR has announced the launch of the first fibre-optic network in the Saint-Priest area of Lyon, deployed under the national agreement it has signed with France Telecom-Orange to provide network coverage in less-densely populated areas in mainland France. According to the agreement, SFR is the only operator to deploy fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) in Saint-Priest; however, the network will be open to other ISPs through wholesale offers from SFR. Saint-Priest is the first lower-density suburb of Lyon to benefit from a fibre optic network, and by the end of May 2013 more than 2,600 homes will have access to the service, with plans to expand the broadband coverage to all homes in Saint-Priest by 2017.

The Menival-Cordiere and the Marendiers neighbourhoods, in Bel-Air and Manissieux, are already covered by FTTH, while in 2013 SFR plans to extend its fibre broadband access infrastructure to the district of Saythe Bel-Air, parts of the Saint-Priest station and Garibaldi street.

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