NBN Co issues update to three-year rollout plan

7 May 2013

NBN Co, the company overseeing the construction and management of Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), has outlined its updated rollout plan for the next three years. In doing so it has revealed that more than 1.35 million premises have been added to the rollout schedule, with almost 190 towns and groups of suburbs set to gain access to the fibre-optic network. Under the revised plan NBN Co noted that it now expects a total of 4.85 million premises to be in an area where network construction is underway and services can be ordered by June 2016.

Commenting on the plans for the future, NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said: ‘We’re getting on with the job of rolling out the NBN in every state and territory. Our plan is to deliver better broadband to every Australian over the remaining eight years of this ten-year build.’ With regards to current uptake, meanwhile, the executive claimed that in those areas where the fibre network has been up and running for more than twelve months, ‘around a third of eligible families have already purchased an NBN package’.

In separate but related news, NBN Co has also announced the switching on of services in Sydney, with Blacktown having become the first suburb of the city to connect to the NBN. At launch in the region some 1,300 homes and business are currently passed by the infrastructure, while there are plans for coverage to expand to a further 9,300 premises ‘over the coming months’.

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