Digiweb leasing 10GHz spectrum for use by Scot-Tel-Gould in Aberdeenshire

2 May 2013

Ireland-based Digiweb Group has announced that it has inked a long-term lease agreement with Scot-Tel-Gould under which the latter will utilise Digiweb’s national 10GHz licence. The deal between the two companies will reportedly facilitate the delivery of superfast broadband services via radio bearers to schools and other council properties across the Aberdeenshire region of Scotland. Commenting on the development, Colm Piercy, Digiweb Group’s CEO, noted: ‘We welcome Ofcom’s innovative decision to permit spectrum trading in this frequency band, which does allow for a more efficient use of the spectrum. Digiweb is very happy to enter this agreement with Scot-Tel-Gould which will enable new services be launched in Aberdeenshire to service local needs’.

Founded in 1997, and having been awarded a number of frequency blocks in the 10GHz band suitable for the development of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint high speed network, Digiweb operates an extensive 10GHz network in both the UK and Ireland, using UK-based Ogier Electronics as its preferred microwave transmission solutions supplier.

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