NCC releases broadband data for end-March 2013

30 Apr 2013

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) has published statistics detailing the makeup of the country’s broadband sector at end-March 2013. Fibre-based connections accounted for the largest portion of the country’s high speed internet accesses, with there being 2.703 million such connections at the end of March 2013, up from 2.633 million three months earlier. ADSL connections, meanwhile, continued to decline, falling to 1.744 million at the end of the first three months of 2013, down by just over four percentage points quarter-on-quarter. Cable broadband connections stood at 1.099 million at end-March 2013, up marginally from the 1.081 million reported three months earlier, while WiMAX subscribers numbered 135,595, down from 137,009.

Taiwan, National Communications Commission (NCC)