uMAX becomes Zimbabwe’s lowest priced broadband ISP

26 Apr 2013

Zimbabwean broadband provider Dandemutande (Utande/uMAX) has announced the introduction of a monthly 20GB data bundle for USD75 inclusive of setup equipment fee, with actual download speed of 1Mbps. The new subscription plan is roughly 80% cheaper than the 12GB plan offered previously at USD240. Potential subscribers need to sign a one-year contact to qualify for the service; however the company offers early termination without imposing any fees if the free equipment is returned. Utande also provides pay-as-you-go options, allowing customers to credit their account according to their usage, based on peak and off-peak rates of USD0.02 and USD0.01 per megabyte respectively. The service, flexiMAX, comes with an activation fee of USD75 and users need to purchase modem equipment with estimated price tag of USD200.

Zimbabwe, Dandemutande (incl. Utande)