Chunghwa Telecom condemns NCC plan for free IP peering

25 Apr 2013

Taiwanese multi-service operator Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) has criticised plans put forward by the National Communication Commission (NCC) which call on it to provide IP peering services at no extra charge. According to The China Post, with the regulator having argued the move would ease competitive pressures on smaller internet service providers (ISPs), president of CHT’s Data Communication Business Group Chung Fu-kuei has claimed that the proposals would enable foreign-based ISPs, internet content providers (ICP), and over the top (OTT) content service providers to utilise its communication network infrastructure. Further, the executive also said that, should it be forced to offer IP peering at no cost, it would be prevented from recovering the costs involved in rolling out its infrastructure. The operator has, however, put forward an alternative measure, suggesting that it could lower the cost of IP peering from TWD540 (USD17.62) per Mbps to TWD300, while adding that it could increase the allocation of publically available bandwidth of its HiNet services from 15Gbps to 20Gbp to benefit the country’s smaller internet players.