The buck stops here: Google pays just USD1 for iProvo network

24 Apr 2013

According to US media reports, search engine giant Google Inc agreed to purchase the iProvo municipal network in Utah for just USD1, with the token fee required for ‘legal reasons’. Independent sources had valued the infrastructure at USD39 million, with estimates suggesting that completion of the project could cost anywhere between USD18 million and USD30 million.

The city, home to around 115,000 people, started work on the iProvo network in 2004, but found the operation too daunting and turned it over to a succession of private partners that have also struggled to break even. Provo is expected to become the third city to receive a ‘Google Fiber’ 1Gbps network, after Kansas City and Austin, Texas, although the iProvo deal represents the first time that Google has acquired an existing fibre-optic system.

United States, Google (Alphabet), Google Fiber