Gabon Telecom CEO announces price cuts, cites ‘competitive market’

24 Apr 2013

In a press conference held last Friday in Libreville, the chief executive office of Gabon Telecom, Lhoussaine Oussalah, announced wide-ranging cuts in fixed, mobile and broadband (ADSL) pricing to maintain an edge in an increasingly competitive local market. Local news portal Info Gabon quotes the CEO as saying that the cuts took effect from 1 April 2013 and are in part, the result of a regulatory directive stemming from 2010 which recommended cuts in basic telecoms services in Gabon to facilitate improved access for the wider population.

As a result of the cuts Oussalah says that the cost of making a call from a mobile to a mobile (GSM) network has fallen 51% to XAF120 (USD0.29) per minute, while ADSL charges are also coming down – by up to 58% – with a typical 512kbps connection now being levied at XAF15,000 per month. The official says that its decision to reposition its call rates will allow customers to communicate more easily and cheaply, in turn helping it to improve its position in the market.

Commenting on the telco’s performance in 2012, Oussalah said that last year Gabon Telecom returned to ‘very strong growth’ by dint of various restructuring projects that have enabled it to improve its commercial offers, optimise costs and increase service reliability. In fiscal 2012 the operator booked revenue of XAF74.4 billion, compared to XAF60.2 billion in FY 2011, aided by its mobile unit which closed out last year with a total of 777,378 subscribers – up 46% year-on-year. Further, the telco reported 18,012 fixed (PSTN) and fixed-wireless (CDMA) lines by the start of 2013, as well as 7,827 internet connections (5,864 in 2011), aided by lower ADSL rates and promotional campaigns, he said.

Gabon, Gabon Telecom (Moov Africa)