Nicaraguan stand-off? Watchdog backs down over contentious decree

23 Apr 2013

After a month-long standoff, the Nicaraguan government and the country’s telecoms operators have reportedly reached a compromise over a controversial decree that would have placed greater controls on the telecoms industry. According to the Nicaragua Dispatch the showdown between the government and the private sector ended in a satisfactory compromise last Friday, when the Instituto Nicaraguense de Telecomunicaciones y Correos (Telcor) agreed to modify a divisive administrative decree suggesting that businesses get government approval before hiring any new general managers or directors. Telecoms bosses complained that the edict, which was passed on 22 March, was illegal and over-reaching, while the government argued that the ruling was intended to ensure national security. In the event, Telcor backed down after business chambers declared that it was an illegal measure that violated a series of laws governing the telecoms sector and free enterprise in Nicaragua.