Netadmin system implemented in open access fibre pilot

22 Apr 2013

Netadmin Systems has announced that its OSS technology is being used for a pilot open access fibre-optic network in Berlin’s Gropiusstadt. The first customers have now been connected to the network, with residents able to choose from over three service providers with download speeds of up to 100Mbps. Netadmin’s OSS system will provide user interfaces for the customers, operators and service providers, giving functional support for resource planning, ticket management, billing, Service Level Agreement (SLA) statistics, hardware inventory registering and network troubleshooting. ‘Our platform, NETadmin, is at the leading edge for managing processes such as automated service fulfilment, service assurance and customer support on open access networks,’ commented Torbjorn Sandberg, CEO of Netadmin Systems, adding: ‘We enable operators to keep quality of service to the absolute highest level whilst minimising overheads with reliable automated systems. A lot of hard work and development has gone into making NETadmin the lead product in open access management and I feel this is being recognised in this project.’ The project will eventually connect more than 4,000 households in the housing estate.