DT unveils new multi-platform performance optimisation solution

18 Apr 2013

Business Development and Innovation (BDI), part of Deutsche Telekom’s (DT’s) International Wholesale Business Unit, has announced a new content delivery network (CDN) and cloud delivery optimisation solution comprising two services, ‘NetAnalyze’ and ‘NetOptimize’. According to a company press release, these solutions were developed in partnership with Cedexis, and enable the evaluation, development and automation of multi-vendor hosting and delivery solutions (and hybrids of each). NetAnalyze works by providing an examination of how the end user experience (whether accessed via mobile or traditional mechanisms) is delivered at any particular moment across a multitude of platforms, while NetOptimize selects the optimal delivery mechanism for the end user in real time based on both the performance information collected in NetAnalyze, and the business criteria of the content owner. Karim El-Khazen, BDI’s vice president, said: ‘Our goal is to enable our customers to provide a consistent, superior user experience in today’s complex internet landscape – with an ever increasing amount of online content, growing numbers of devices, and a multitude of global networks.’