IXP plan backed by operators, regulator

16 Apr 2013

A report from the West Africa Regional Communication Infrastructure Programme (WARCIP) on setting up an internet exchange point (IXP) in Gambia has been validated by local telecoms operators – including Gamtel, Gamcel, Comium, QCell, Unique Solutions and Netpage – alongside the telecoms regulator PURA and others, following a consultancy commissioned by WARCIP to provide recommendations on the technical and management aspects of the IXP. Presenting the IXP study, the consultant, Michael Kende, said the document contained a plan to implement processes which had previously been agreed on by all stakeholders in the sector, with the shared aims of cost-saving by eliminating the need to exchange traffic through expensive international links; as well as improving service quality thanks to the reduction in latency and to larger bandwidth available to Gambian internet users as a result of the lower cost of local capacity.