EC blocks FNA's proposal for higher fixed termination rates

12 Apr 2013

The European Commission (EC) has blocked a proposal by the Federal Network Agency (FNA) under which Germany’s telecoms regulator hoped to set fixed termination rates three times higher than the average of countries which follow the recommended approach set out in EU telecoms rules. Under the FNA’s proposal, fixed termination rates would range from EUR0.0036/minute (peak) to EUR0.0025/minute (off-peak), whereas operators in countries which follow the EC’s recommended approach pay on average EUR0.001/minute. EC Vice President Neelie Kroes stated: ‘My job is to deliver a Single Market for telecoms for all EU citizens. All EU countries – big and small – have signed up to, and are implementing, the rules which put this in place. No country can be allowed to divert us from this goal. I urge [the FNA] to bring forward a new proposal that delivers lower consumer prices and helps us build a telecoms Single Market.’ The FNA now has three months to wok with the Commission and the body of European telecoms regulators (BEREC) on a solution. In the meantime, implementation of the proposal is suspended.

Germany, Federal Network Agency (FNA)