Telkom Indonesia picks ZTE for IPTV network rollout

10 Apr 2013

Indonesia’s largest fixed line and broadband operator by subscribers, Telkom Indonesia, has awarded Chinese vendor ZTE a four-year contract to build, operate and maintain a low-bit-rate IPTV network between now and 2016. Under the plan the Chinese firm will be employing forward error correction (FEC) and automatic retransmission request (ARQ) technologies to address packet loss issues, as well as providing the carrier with ancillary IPTV equipment such as high definition (HD) set-top-boxes, and host equipment.

TeleGeography notes that in June 2011 Telkom launched its IPTV service, branded ‘Groovia TV’, aiming it squarely at subscribers to its Speedy broadband service. In March 2012 the firm said that it was seeing some traction for the recently launched service, and was also preparing to launch an over-the-top (OTT) offer. Telkom confirmed it had signed up almost 6,000 IPTV subscribers by early 2012, a figure which is estimated to have reached 30,000 by the year end, and in March 2013, the telco said it was looking for a strategic partner to help develop the pay-TV business of its subsidiary TelkomVision, with a media company seen as the ideal partner.

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