Go with the flow: Liquid improves, integrates KDN, InfoCom, Stream networks

9 Apr 2013

Liquid Telecom has announced that it has implemented significant improvements to its fibre network along the East African coast, with a view to reducing congestion, improving connectivity and introducing the lowest latency rates on the African continent. Since its acquisition of Kenya Data Networks (KDN), Rwandan internet service provider (ISP) Stream and Uganda’s InfoCom, the Mauritius-based telecoms group says that it has ‘prioritised the integration of these networks with its own existing fibre infrastructure to create one seamless fully redundant IP network’. Liquid Telecom has also commissioned a gigabit circuit between Kenya and South Africa, which links to the SEACOM submarine cable. Nic Rudnick, CEO of Liquid Telecom, commented: ‘The recent problems in East Africa once again highlight Africa’s need for a large-scale, high speed, fully redundant, cross-border network. That’s why Liquid Telecom is investing in its own infrastructure. We know that by building and managing our own fibre infrastructure, we’re agile enough to solve our customers’ problems and improve standards and quality, even in the toughest conditions’.