Touch, Huawei trial 250Mbps LTE FDD 800MHz/1800MHz carrier aggregation

8 Apr 2013

Lebanese cellco Touch has completed a field trial of LTE FDD 800MHz/1800MHz carrier aggregation (CA) technology in partnership with Huawei Technologies, achieving a maximum 250Mbps download throughput. The CA technology trials, aimed at developing LTE-Advanced services, were announced by the partners as the ‘first global application of inter-band CA on 800MHz and 1800MHz’. Nicolas Sehnaoui, Lebanon’s telecoms minister, said during the field trial: ‘Together we have witnessed the development of LTE-Advanced which will eventually reach a speed of 250Mbps compared to a traditional speed of 100Mbps to 150Mbps. We pledge to the Lebanese more advancements, and we aim to transform Lebanon into a regional platform specialized in ICT and a hub for a digital economy.’