Sweet home Alabama? AT&T scoops up Corr Wireless assets from C-Spire

8 Apr 2013

AT&T Mobility has put together a deal to acquire spectrum and subscribers belonging to Alabama-based Corr Wireless, a 2G operator owned by Mississippi-based C Spire Wireless. Under the Cellular South guise, the latter acquired Corr in February 2010, with a view to expanding its presence in north-eastern Alabama and parts of Georgia. Although the terms of the deal have not been published, Corr Wireless accounts for a subscriber base of 21,000.

Based on a regulatory filing submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the transaction includes one cellular licence, five PCS concessions, nine microwave permits and an international ‘Section 214 authorisation’, as well as customers, network equipment and other assets belonging to Corr Wireless. In addition, the deal will include a further three PCS licences and 14 lower 700MHz ‘C-block’ licences held by affiliate company CS Licenses.

In its FCC filing AT&T notes: ‘The transaction will permit AT&T to quickly expand its network capacity in the licence areas. In some of these licence areas, AT&T’s current spectrum holdings are relatively thin, and, in some cases, AT&T holds neither AWS nor Lower 700MHz spectrum … The spectrum additions made possible by this transaction will allow AT&T to expand the capacity of its network in order to keep up with consumer demands for data-intensive services and to deploy much more robust and spectrally efficient Long Term Evolution (LTE) services’.

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