CTU reports average cost of internet connections rose in 2012

3 Apr 2013

The Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU) has published its findings on a survey into internet access prices in the country, determining that the average household connection cost rose by CZK15 to CZK430 (USD0.746 to USD21.40) per month in the second half of the year. The findings, as reported by the Prague Daily Monitor, also suggest that currently almost one-third (31%) of homes are not paying more than CZK300 per month for their web connection. Not surprisingly, price is the principal factor in deciding what kind of service to take, with 70% of respondents considering it the most important criterion. Internet speed also figured highly in the decision-making process, although 77% of those surveyed reported being happy with the speed of their service, and 81% with its overall quality.

The CTU’s report also concluded that almost half of all Czech households with an internet connection use some form of wireless (Wi-Fi) platform, 23% use a fixed xDSL connection, 12% have a cable modem line, 5% use a modem for mobile internet (dongle) access and a similar number have a fibre-optic (FTTx) hook up.

Furthermore, it was reported that four out of five Czechs now use a computer, compared to a rate of 60% five years ago, while 76% of respondents use the internet, up from less than 60% previously.

Czech Republic, Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU)