Incumbent to invest USD250m, reiterates commitment to FNP

2 Apr 2013

Telekom Srbija has announced that the company has set aside EUR200 million (USD256.34 million) for investments in 2013, with the caveat that the implementation of its spending plan is dependent on the receipt of all necessary permits. The incumbent did not elaborate further on its investment plan, or specify which permissions it was seeking. The state-backed telco also commented on its ongoing difficulties regarding the implementation of fixed number portability (FNP): ‘What is at issue here is not whether Telekom Srbija is willing or unwilling to prepare its network for number portability. Telekom Srbija will do so, but it takes time and extensive funds from this year’s budget.’ The operator’s director general, Predrag Culibrk added that Telekom Srbija was ‘committed to winding up the process’, attributing the prolonged delays to ‘the inherited problem of the complex, heterogeneous network and the allocation of substantial funds required by the process.’

Serbia, Telekom Srbija (MTS)