Fumble in the jungle? DRC telcos running out of time to appease watchdog

28 Mar 2013

Tryphon Kin-Kiey Mulumba, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Technologies, has demanded that domestic telecoms operators submit their raw Call Detail Record (CDR) information – essentially a data record produced by a telephone exchange documenting the details of all phone calls that pass through the facility – by 29 March, or risk financial penalties and operating bans. Agence Ecofin adds that the companies must also agree to let Agilis International scrutinise the radio links used for overseas calls in an effort to curb ‘piracy’ within the sector.

In January 2013 CommsUpdate reported that the government had inked a deal with French-US company Agilis International to verify the data supplied by the country’s mobile operators. The Agilis observation centre reported that the DRC receives around 120 million minutes worth of international calls each month, but the companies themselves only report a fraction of that figure – around 20 million minutes.

Congo, Dem. Rep., Ministry of Post, Telecom and New ICT (MINPTNTIC)