HAKOM chastises T-HT for delaying wholesale access; issues call for universal service standards project

27 Mar 2013

The Croatian Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (HAKOM) has ruled in favour of cellco VIPnet in a dispute with incumbent PSTN operator T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) by upholding VIPnet’s complaint that T-HT had delayed implementation of wholesale network access capacity. HAKOM ordered T-HT to pay VIPnet an outstanding amount of HRK141,000 (USD24,000) plus VAT as compensation.

Elsewhere, HAKOM has issued a public invitation for a consultation aimed at determining standards and conditions for the provision of universal electronic communications services. The project will include nailing down a more detailed description of the quality and standards of universal service. The closing date for the public call is 19 April 2013.