CICRA kick-starts Channel Islands QoS consultation

26 Mar 2013

The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities (CICRA) has initiated a consultation designed to establish whether the quality of service (QoS) standards offered by the islands’ telecoms companies should be regulated. The watchdog is seeking views as to whether the Channel Islands should have a common set of quality performance measures and, if so, what the content and scope of these standards should be, as well as whether breaches of standards should result in penalties or compensation payments to consumers.

CICRA chief executive Andrew Riseley said that while most operators collected quality of service data, this data was not published and there were very few guarantees of service standards offered by operators to consumers or formalised guarantees for compensation payments for service failures. He commented: ‘It might be argued that consumers’ expenditure on telecoms is high – as compared to post for example – and that the ramifications for customers of quality of service failures in telecoms are serious … While there is competition in the mobile and, to a lesser extent, retail broadband markets, the fixed line market is still dominated by JT in Jersey and Cable & Wireless in Guernsey and the dominant providers have fewer incentives than those in a competitive market to maintain high quality of service’.

Interested parties are invited to submit comments to CICRA in writing or by email by 6 May 2013.