Singapore govt looks to open up national cable network

25 Mar 2013

The Straits Times reports that the government of Singapore is looking to open up the cable market in the country to allow other telecoms operators to access StarHub’s cable network for broadband and TV services. As it stands, most new homes in the city-state are furnished with a cable connection point that provides for internet and TV in every room – bit only from StarHub. The regulator, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), has reportedly proposed a code of practice that sets out a framework for the change, including specifications for hardware that can be installed to distribute incoming signals to all cable points. It is understood that these signals will include data transmission over fibre, currently used by households to distribute around the home via Wi-Fi, which is prone to interference. Instead, the IDA is proposing to open up the cable network to pave the way for Singaporeans to receive services such as high-definition (HD) 3D TV without and slowdowns. It would also facilitate faster internet browsing. The proposal is only at the consultation phase and StarHub is being invited to come up with a list of access conditions, including charges it wants to levy.

Singapore’s fibre broadband network has reached 95% of homes and offices in the city-state, more than 280,000 of which currently subscribe to fibre broadband services.