Government lifts sanctions on Djezzy GSM following ownership transfer

25 Mar 2013

Algerian newspaper Al-Fajr reports that the country’s government has moved to lift sanctions on Djezzy GSM. The mobile operator will now be allowed to resume purchasing and importing new equipment, and is also permitted to move profits abroad. The ruling follows a transfer in ownership of a 51% stake in the company to the government. According to official government statements, ‘the decision to impose sanctions on Djezzy GSM came amid violations committed by the company under its previous owner [Orascom]. These included the sale of a cement factory, and an iron factory, to the French company LaFarge, in addition to that of one of the company’s mobile branches, without first bringing the issue before the Algerian government. However with the transfer of ownership of the company, it was decided that sanctions would be lifted.’

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